What can I use CeKR for?

Zemljevid storitev po mestni občini Kranj
  • As an identification and/or payment card for users in the city of Kranj, CeKR will facilitate access to a comprehensive range and better use of public services in the city (along with private partners in the near future) in the city of Kranj.
  • New services, offers and options for CeKR will be added gradually and seasonally, as the system will be upgraded over time.
  • CeKR is also suitable for blind or visually impaired individuals (they can identify the card in their purse or wallet thanks to an indentation on the side of the card, which also serves as an indicator of how to correctly use or insert the card into a terminal).
  • Pay on a wide scale, anywhere in the world or online
  • User identification with service providers who have already partnered with CeKR
  • Use of the KRsKOLESOM bike hire system 
  • Pay for parking in covered car parks in the City of Kranj (benefits system).
  • Pay for parking in open car parks in the City of Kranj, where card payment is enabled (pay with CeKR over a POS terminal)
  • Sightseeing and attending various cultural events in the City of Kranj (purchase available at the Kranj Tourist information Centre
  • Additional function:
    The physical CeKR card, along with its bank details, also has a unique user ID that can be used for services with no connection to the CeKR system, i.e. recording working hours
  • Kranj City Library (CeKR as a membership card; borrowing books; payment of membership fee/late return fee)
  • Bus transport (payment for individual city transport tickets; CeKR as a monthly/annual ticket for city transport)
  • Kranvaj (track the number of trips)
  • Deposit bulk materials in collection centres (the Municipality of Kranj deposit slip will no longer be required as proof)
  • Sports facilities – Use of the indoor/outdoor pool (admission, CeKR serves as a membership card)
  • Prešern’s Theatre Kranj – pay for a theatre show or buy a subscription that will be ‘loaded’ onto CeKR (foreseen in autumn when subscriptions are registered)
  • Entrance to the city centre
  • Parking permit (entered in CeKR for identification)
  • Fair price principle (charging of certain municipal services in such a way that the most favourable price of a ticket for city transport or for the time of use of a car park will be taken into account)
  • For example: if you pay for 10 trips by city bus with CeKR in one month (1 trip = 1 euro), all the following trips in that month will be free, because the system will calculate the price of the monthly ticket (which costs 10 euros); if the hourly rate is 0.70 euros/hour, and the price of all-day parking is 4 euros, CeKR holders will pay a maximum of 4 euros, even if they park for 10 hours (regular price 7 euros).
  • Carsharing (hire of electric vehicles)
  • Bars/restaurants (payment/rewards system)
  • Gyms (payment/membership card)
  • Disposal of household waste (enables underground waste containers to be unlocked)
  • The system will also make it possible to order additional cards that can be used by children for:
    • City transport ticket
    • School meals
    • Unlocking school lockers
    • Borrowing books in the school/city library
    • Paying for goods and services (money can be transferred remotely to a child’s CeKR, as and when required)
    • The City of Kranj will be the first in Slovenia to cooperate with private providers in this project – to connect various stakeholders in the municipality and provide connected services and benefits between them.
    • To this end, an advantage programme of benefits will be established with linked and package services.
      • Linked: the option of taking advantage of benefits when purchasing an individual product – the benefit is added automatically (symbolic example: if you attend a concert in the city centre by bus, identify yourself at the concert using CeKR and the amount for the bus ticket is automatically ‘reimbursed’).
      • Package – The option to purchase multiple products or services at a reduced price.
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