Management and preloading of CeKR & online payments


  • On the CeKR management website (
    • Under the heading ‘Card Settings’, tick which of the payment options you wish to use: online payment, payment abroad, cashpoint withdrawals.
    • WE ADVISE AGAINST the use of CeKR at cashpoints, as its main purpose is to promote cashless payments, hence cash should only be withdrawn in exceptional cases. In such cases, banks charge the same fee as for other deferred payment cards, i.e. 5% of the withdrawal amount or a minimum of 15 euros.
  • Security:
    • A high level of identification is required in order to ensure the highest level of security for card transactions.
    • When a card is created, the cardholder gets access to the account for the e-commerce Rekono service. It is a form of digital ID that cardholders use to confirm their identity when doing business online.
    • For more information, visit the Rekono website.
    • In the event of loss or theft of a card, select the ‘Lock card’ option and immediately report the incident by calling +386 (0)14 772 000, or visit the nearest NLB branch or any bank with a Visa sign.


  • CeKR management website ( 
    • Register with a Rekono account
    • Municipality of Kranj ID card; on the bottom-left of the back of the card is a six-digit PAN number
    • desired amount
    • The number of the card from which the preloading is carried out and the data of the person preloading the card; it is anticipated that it will soon be possible to store the means of payment or non-bank data of the payer!
  • With a UPN order in any Slovenian bank or savings bank
    • Preloading account: IBAN: SI56 0290 0000 0200 020
    • Reference: 05 8074720-xxxxxxxxx-200, instead of xxxxxxxxx enter the 9-digit number of Municipality of Kranj ID card, which is on the bottom-left of the back of the card
    • In branches of NLB bank with cash or a UPN order
    • For NLB account holders in the NLB Klik digital bank


  • Managing and preloading CeKR cards will also soon be available in the ‘Smart Kranj’ application
    • Loading funds
    • Checking the status of the advantage programme

Online payments:

  • when you make an online purchase, you often need to confirm it
  • This can be done via the NLB Pay mobile app (especially suitable for NLB customers) or the Rekono OnePass app
  • Download it from the Play Store (Google Play) or AppStore
  • follow the instructions and enter the required details of CeKR card into the app
  • Once you have made an online purchase, open Rekona OnePass, where you will receive a notification of the online purchase, which you can then confirm and thus finally close the transaction
  • in case of any problems creating and managing your Rekono account or the Rekono OnePass app, please contact
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