Meet the CeKR

The name and image of Kranj

About the name:

  • Cekar is the Slovenian word for a two-handled bag, usually made of straw, in which various goods are carried.
  • The idea of the CeKR card is that everyone can take from it what they need at any given moment
  • CeKR is a blending of two words:
    • ‘Ce’ – short for “comprehensive’; ‘KR’ – Kranj
    • Together: ‘Complete/Central Kranj’
  • Significance: This represents the connection of different sectors and services such as urban transport, energy, health and education to create a connected and efficient urban environment.
Logo CeKR na rdečem ozadju
  • The acronym CeKR also applies in an international environment, since it English it represents:
    • Connected e-Kranj  – the foundation for smart cities, enables devices, systems and people to communicate and exchange data among themselves
    • Collaborative e-Kranj – the development and use of solutions that encourage cooperation between various players in the city ecosystem
    • Citizen-engaged Kranj– encourages cooperation and interaction between residents and city institutions to improve city services and quality of life
    • Circular Economy – a concept that promotes the efficient use of resources and the reduction of waste in urban environments
    • Clean Energy – using renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power to power city operations and reduce the carbon footprint

About the image:

  • the designers placed some of our city’s key geographical and architectural features on it.
  • colourful S-bends, circles and dots illustrate the smart urban connections being established in Kranj.
Wherever you go, you can take a small piece of Kranj with you.
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